THE GLORIFICATION OF REITICH (imaginary inter/view with my favorite modern artist)

THE GLORIFICATION OF REITICH (imaginary inter/view with my favorite modern artist)

-Is it true u r not of human desposition?

R: False, though my parents were androids formulated during the era of the flower revolution, allegedly drawn of roses and chrysanthems, I was evolved as fully human as one can get…still I am not sure if had followed the non human evolution may I had a more adveturous career eg as marine trainer or asteroid navigator, anyway here I am…

-It is said, and I must agree, that the talent of designing kindness, the old androids  possessed, surpassed to u… fortunately!

R: Thank u! It is not 4 me to say, but  when i succed to manage elegance,  kindness and musical architecture in to one colour I am fully content…

-Since the early days u travelled a lot through space and thin air… the colour of your eyes changed. I presume…

R: Oh, yeah, altered several times, even nowdays my left eye, purplegreen in texture, salty and cactus in colour, always antagonizes my third ivory eye. All the rest of my other eyes are logical and futuristic.

-What the letter H means to u?

R: Some times means hiden, happy and humple. Few times high, hip and horse. Mostly hurry, heart and help. Avoiding when I can hurt, hard and hilly.

-Do u pray 2 the 1 allmighty god?

R: I `m still young and even younger at heart to indulge in Geraitrics…


-R u afraid of deep and profound love?

R: I live and make my living by drawing and perfuming the image of fallen angels [many of them come from Texas]…

-How many followers u hav?

R: So far I count one. U! and its fair to ask who u r

-My personality is of no importance – my chararacter predictable – my characteristics common and well documented – I never sleep, `couse I am a Robot.

R: oh, shit!

-Don`t be upset. If u can elevate a sleepless robot in a higher state, imagine what u can do to common mortals…